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Non-Fiction Titles
Adventure Cities of Gold, Douglas Preston: A true chronicle of the author's trip on horseback tracing Coronado's search for the Seven Cities of Cibola. Currently out of print, this is a special order.
Gods, Graves, and Scholars, C. W. Ceram: An exciting exploration of the foundations of modern archaeology with the emphasis on the personalities and, of course, the treasures. Be careful; this exciting book may change your life.
It Doesn't Take A Hero (H. Norman Schwarzkopf) : The autobiography of the hero of The Gulf War. Observations on his personal life, his professional life, the advantages of training and readiness. Also available on cassette for great listening on long trips.
Lost Trails, Lost Cities, Brian Fawcett: True stories of the explorations of the editor's father, Percy Fawcett. At the turn of the century he surveyed the Brazilian jungles. Keep a comb handy—your hair will stand on end. An Amazon special order.
The First American, C. W. Ceram: A second exciting exploration by this excellent researcher. The question: "How long has man been in America?" Again, the emphasis is on the personalities, the controversies, and, of course, the finds. Another one you can't put down. One of our favorite adventure books, but may take a while to find. An Amazon special order.
The Green Berets, Robin Moore: The "official" story of America's Special Forces. An Amazon special order.
The Treasure Hunter, Robin Moore and Howard Jennings: Chilling true stories of the authors, who searched for and found treasure. An Amazon special order.

Skills Be Expert with Map and Compass, Björn Kjellström: Kjellström is a pioneer in orienteering and one of the inventors of the orienteering compass. His book contains many map and compass training scenarios for people of all ages.
Dutton's Navigation and Piloting , Benjamin Dutton, Elbert Maloney: This has been the technical bible of navigation for decades, published by the U. S. Naval Academy. Not for the casual reader, it is complete.
GPS Made Easy, Lawrence Letham: An excellent book on GPS orienteering with lots of practical advice.
Land Navigation Handbook, W. S. Kals (Sierra Club): Kals seems more interested in being clever than useful, but there are some interesting subjects covered.
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, The Mountaineers: One of the best, most compact handbooks of the outdoors available. Exceptionally interesting.

Cooking America's Bread Book, Mary Gubser: Bread recipes from all over America, including some native American breads. Ms. Gubser also includes bread basics and lots of notes on techniques. This book is not profusely illustrated, but the recipes are interesting, and there are a lot of them. Trade paperback.
Chili Madness, Jane Butel: A collection of dramatic chili recipes, with examples of each of Spider Cañon's chili styles and types. This is the best collection we've seen.
The Great Chile Book, Mark Miller: Beautifully illustrated directory of fresh and dried chile peppers used in current Southwest cooking. A very useful chef's reference.
The Perfect Recipe, Pam Anderson: More than 150 classic favorite dishes, redesigned for best flavor and easy preparation; and how the redesign was accomplished. An absolutely unique cooking treasure.

Religion/ Philosophy Fishers of Men: The Way of the Apostles : Exquisite photo tour of the locations of the congregations of the early Church. An Amazon special order.
Native American Wisdom, Running Press: Terse observations by Native American personages; economical of word, extravagant of meaning. Endearing, tiny format.
The Holy Bible King James Version: The most widely known translation of The Bible.
The Holy Bible King James Version : The most widely known translation of The Bible. Paperback.
The Holy Bible—New International Version, Zondervan Publishing: Accurate, easy to understand American English. One of our favorites. Hardbound.
The Holy Bible—New International Version , Zondervan Publishing: Paperback.

Outdoors The Four Corners Anasazi, Rose Houk: Excellent background, photos, addresses, and travel directions to ruin sites in this very rich ruin hunting area.

Lifestyle Sound Mind Investing, Austin Pryor: The best general reference to personal financial planning and investment we've seen. The author's Christian perspective is conservative, responsible, liberating.

Fiction Titles
Einstein's Dreams , Alan Lightman: Can Albert piece together the puzzles of time?
Gap Creek, Robert Morgan, read by Kate Forbes: The life of a simple mountain girl as she grows up, marries, and has a family. Book on CD.
Nancy Drew: The Clue in the Crossword Cipher , Carolyn Keene: Can Nancy find a treasure with only half of the map?
Play With Fire, Dana Stabenow: It's them pesky fundamental Christians, at it again.
The Hardy Boys: Hunting for Hidden Gold, Franklin W. Dixon: Adventure, Danger, and Treasure in Montana.
The Old Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway: An old Cuban fisherman and a young boy bond closely when the old man faces, alone, the fight of his life and the memories of his past.
Two Old Women, Velma Wallis: Two old women regain their wisdom and self-identity by participating together in a hard struggle for survival.

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   Protect your hardbound books from wear, spills; keep new jackets new; support worn jackets—with our crystal clear library book covers.

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