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USGS Maps and Publications
  • USGS Information Services
  • Box 25286
  • Denver, CO 80225

  • 1 (888) ASK-USGS
Maps are $4.00 each plus $3.50 shipping per order. Obtain booklet "USGS Maps" and state catalog before ordering.

Forest Service Maps and Publications
  • (Southwest Region)
  • USDA Forest Service
  • Public Affairs Office
  • 517 Gold Avenue, SW
  • Albuquerque, NM 87102

  • 1 (505) 842-3292

Call for latest ordering information.

Traditional Booksellers:
  • Dover Books
  • 31 East 2nd Street
  • Mineola, NY 11501-3582

    Specializes in high quality paperback art books and reprints of old books, designs, and clipart.

Online booksellers These online booksellers offer similar discount pricing, online secure ordering, very fast delivery, and other services, like used books and local stores. Online prices are usually discounted enough so that, with shipping charges, it is still a better bargain to order online than to buy in a store. On multiple-book orders, buying online is a substantial saving.

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Food Links
Education/ Reference Peter Kump's Cooking School; catalog and curricula of this excellent cooking school.

Spice Board of India; directory of spices, favoring those from India.

Food Products Chef Paul Prudhomme; spices and sauces.

Chimayo to Go; excellent bulk spices, southwest foods.

Spices, Etc.; many unusual spices, spices in bulk, sauces, cooking supplies.

American Spice Company; wide variety of spices and other food products, bulk products, sauces, cooking supplies.

E. D. Foods; specializes in dehydrated soups, stews, sauces; also variety of Canadian food products.

The Bean Bag; specializes in heirloom beans, wide variety of standard and unusual beans.

Dehydrated Foods AAOOB Foods; specializes in dehydrated foods, storable foods.

Walton Feed, Inc.; dehydrated foods, storable foods, good dehydrated food tutorials.

Recipes Spider Cañon Recipes; recipes using Spider Cañon's food products.

The Food Network; recipes presented over the Food Network.

Government Links
United States Bureau of Indian Affairs

Bureau of Land Management

Geological Survey (1)

National Park Service

Savings Bonds

Copyright Office

Patents & Trademarks

Patents & Trademarks Database

Florida Dept. of Agriculture


Health & Safety Links
Red Cross American Red Cross First aid, home health and safety advice, events notices.

Navigation Links
GPS Garmin; (manufacturer) theory, practice, product specifications.

Magellan; (manufacturer) theory, practice, product specifications.

Trimble; (manufacturer) theory, practice, product specifications. (reviewer) GPS product reviews, very current GPS system information, GPS system comment.

Education Kjetil Kjernsmo's Compass & Map; (Norway) Excellent tutorials on using compass and map for orienteering.

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   Back issues of Spider Cañon articles may be edited or updated from time to time; old issues may be removed to make room for newer ones-without notice.

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Books    Select the article you wish to view and click its date to retrieve it. Archived articles are available as Spider Cañon ePubs:
  1. 9/25/1998: Read Any Good Books Lately? Good literary company: Cities of Gold by Douglas Preston; on the trail: Native American Wisdom, collected; Ecclesiastes.
  2. 10/17/1998: Books for Children and Adults; I John: Reviews of two excellent books suitable for both adults and children: Two Old Women, and The Old Man And the Sea. Also a short review of I John, one of the Bible's most upbeat books. (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  3. 1/24/1999:
  4. 1/24/1999: Treasure, Treasure Everywhere; I Peter: Robin Moore's The Treasure Hunter, chilling episodes of danger and real treasure finds by Moore and his friend. Also, Diving To Adventure, by Hans Hass, one of the pioneers of skin diving and underwater photography; his pre WWII adventures in the Caribbean. Also a review of I Peter.
  5. 3/20/1999: An Explorer's Explorer; Galatians: The astonishing Brazilian jungle adventures of Sir Percy Fawcett. Detailed narratives about a harsh land delivered with insight and sensitivity. Also a review of Galatians, a definitive letter of the Christian faith.
  6. 6/02/1999: Mysteries for Children; Ephesians
  7. 8/01/1999: Secret Writing; God's hidden meanings (a & b)
  8. 5/02/2001: Books on Tape or Disk (a & b)

  1. 9/25/1998: Toward A Simpler Life: How survival tactics necessitated by a job layoff helped one man develop a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle. (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  2. 10/14/1998: Disappearing Ruins: Why are the locations of ancient ruins in America's southwest being removed from topographical maps and travel brochures? (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  3. 5/27/1999: What Women Need to Know About Tires
  4. 7/16/1999: What You Need to Know About Your Battery
  5. 12/13/1999: The Church, The Press, and the Homeless
    (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, HTML & PDF® formats.)
  6. 6/07/2000: From The Dark Side of The Web (a & b)
    (Malicious programming; identity theft: archived article, Spider Cañon Epub)
  7. 6/23/2001: Electronic Publications (a & b)
  8. This backissue is not currently available.
  9. 2/07/2005:What Women Need to Know About Preventative Auto Maintenance (a & b)
  10. 5/22/2005:Why Are They Badmouthing My Favorite Store?
  1. 9/25/1998: What Is Chili Anyway? Pt. 1
    (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  2. 10/21/1998: Barbecue Chicken; Is This The Perfect Chili?
    (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  3. 11/30/1998: Thanksgiving; Yeast Rolls; Bean Soup
    (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub)
  4. 1/18/1999: What is Chili Anyway, part 3: Chili Myths Exploded
  5. 9/18/1999: What is Chili Anyway, part 4: Chili Myths Exploded...continued
  6. 11/21/1999: Thanksgiving '99: new yeast and sourdough roll recipes
  7. 7/26/2000: Two Spring Soups (a & b)
  8. 6/13/2001: Three Quick "Comfort" Entrees
  9. 10/26/2001: Chili Weather
  10. This back issue not currently available
  11. 6/28/2003: Raisin' Cane in Alabama! (a & b)
  12. 8/24/2004: Three Great Weight-Watching Recipes (a & b) (Refried beans; vegetarian chili; tamales)
  13. 8/30/2004: A Good Recipe Is Worth Repeating (Cajun bean soup)
  14. 3/14/2004: Roasting Your Jolt: Roasting coffee at home (a & b)
  15. 5/22/2005: Vegetarian Chili: A simple, delicious vegetarian chili you'll enjoy
  16. 8/20/2005: Fast Food Chili: A great, simple chili for all occasions
  1. 9/25/1998: Orientation, Pt. 1: Notes From The Cone of Silence: My experiences with GPS in the canyons and woods of New Mexico.
  2. 11/21/1998: Orientation, Part 2: Navigating with Maps
  3. 6/13/1999: Orientation, Part 3: Using Compasses
    (a & b)
  4. 11/26/1999: Orientation, Part 4: Using Compasses with Maps
    (a & b)
  5. 1/04/2004: Navigation on Your Wrist
  6. 8/18/2005: Light Improvements: New light sources for the outdoorsperson
  1. 9/25/1998: Where Have All The Ruin Sites Gone? Before its location is expunged from the maps and it returns to the earth, I visit a beautiful southwest cliff dwelling. (Archived article, Spider Cañon Epub, PDF® format.)
  2. 10/26/1998: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 1: After 25 years I resurrect an archaeology project-find and explore the mysterious "towers of silence." This is the story that started my obsession.
  3. 5/29/1999: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 2: My search for the "towers of silence" begins-with research, interviews, and memories of previous events that just might help my search succeed. My first impressions of the desert and ruins of Arizona and New Mexico.
  4. 6/27/1999: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 3 (a & b),
  5. 11/08/1999: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 4 (a & b),
  6. 6/13/2001: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 5 (a-e),
  7. 2/22/2003: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 6 (a-e),
  8. 2/22/2003: New Mexico's Mysterious Stone Towers, Part 7 (a-e)

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Technical References
  1. 7/06/2001: English Fractions/Decimal Equivalents (PDF® format.)
  2. 7/02/2005: English Machine Screws (PDF® format.)
  3. 7/02/2005: English Sheet Metal Screws (PDF® format.)
  4. 7/02/2005: English Wood Screws (PDF® format.)
  5. 7/02/2005: SI (metric) Machine Screws (PDF® format.)
  1. 3/10/2014: Changing Seats