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At Spider Cañon
At Spider Cañon
What is Spider Cañon? A million years ago the Jemez volcano buried northwest New Mexico in deep pink ash. Over time erosion carved the blanket of ash into canyons and cliffs of sandy rock and, in one place, into a gigantic boulder the size of a neighborhood. Men were there when an earthquake fractured the boulder into five huge pieces which opened into deep, narrow canyons that look, on the map, like the legs of a giant spider.
   Direct sunlight never reaches the sandy floor of Spider Cañon. The few traces of men in the deep, cool shade are scratchings in the soft stone and, on the cliffs, ruins of small watch towers that once guarded the canyon entrances. It’s quiet here; the only sounds are the soft sighing of the breeze in the pines above and the pulse in your ears.
   If I’d had Spider Cañon when I was a boy, what great adventures we could have had! I’m long past my boyhood, but at least I finally found this place; it’s become my annual retreat from the world of 9-to-5. In Spider Cañon and the forest nearby I’m a boy again.

the entrance to Spider Cañon
The entrance to Spider Cañon
Where is Spider Cañon? Spider Cañon is a real canyon in north central New Mexico, a half-day’s hike into a river canyon near the Continental Divide. It’s also a place of the mind and soul as far away spiritually from Florida's east coast megalopolis as I can get. Between the terrain and the climate there’s enough risk here to keep me feeling alive, but not so much as to stop me from moving ahead. I always leave wanting one more day, just one more day.

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   I’ve designed this site to be a spiritual image of the real Spider Cañon, a place where things are simple and good but which, like the real Spider Cañon, changes with the seasons.

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