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(Food #16: August 20, 2005)

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My new favorite!

wendy's 2
My highway chili source
   When I travel, one of my favorite fast-food stops is Wendy's®, for a bowl of their chili. It's nutritious, hot, very tasty, just spicy enough, inexpensive; and it's the same at every store—no unpleasant surprises.
   Their chili is different from the kind I make at home. It's smooth and a little bit soupy; mine is thick and has lots of texture. Theirs has pintos and kidneys; mine has no beans.

   I was enjoying a bowl in a Wendy's® store near Quincy, Florida, when a thought struck me. "I enjoy this chili so much; maybe I can develop a recipe for home-made chili that will resemble this fine brew." So I slowed down and carfully analyzed the chili. I looked at the color and the visible ingredients. I felt the texture in my mouth. I carefully savored the flavors. It might just be possible, after all. But I wouldn't try to copy their delicious chili sauce. Instead, I'd include similar flavors in my brew.
   The picture above is of my result: a diner-style chili that's easy and quick to make, with just the flavor I was trying for. So far every batch, beef or vegetarian, has been consistent. The comments from my friends have, too: "That's great chili!"
   For me the secret is in our standard Spider Cañon™Southwest Red Chili Powder. Its recipe is the same as it was when I made the first batch back in 1998. It's a good, rich, medium-hot powder with no boutique or fad flavors. You can order it from our Store.

   Calories? Here's my estimate:

1 cup with beef–about 400 calories–about 6 Weight-Watchers® points.
1 cup vegetarian-style–less than 200 calories–3 Weight-Watchers® points; no saturated fat!
   Hey! A reminder: Spider Cañon™ Fast-Food Chili isn't Wendy's Chili; it's the same style chili as Wendy's®. I'll still be downing a lot of their chili during the Labor Day holiday as I travel to Louisiana and back.

Wendy's® and Weight-Watchers® are registered trademarks.

Never a doubt!
So where's the recipe? It's on our red-chili Recipes page.


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