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Why Are They Bad-Mouthing My Favorite Store?
(Comment #10: May 22, 2005)

My friendly WalMart® store

   Well, one of my favorite stores. But, Hey! Some of the things they're saying are downright mean!

what they're saying Spider Cañon's Response
There goes the neighborhood Thought about catering to everyone?
They're increasing the traffic Naturally! People like shopping there.
Many items are out of stock Naturally! People like shopping there.
Their quality is not as high as ours They're moving their product.
They're undercutting our prices
Thought about reducing your prices?
How can we possibly survive? Thought about using your brain?
Our overhead's too high; we can't compete with them
It's been nice knowing you!

   Hey! Nobody's perfect. Let's face it, the store atmosphere–the shopping milieu–isn't the same as my friendly neighborhood grocery. WalMart® stores can be confusing and chaotic; their shopping floor is almost too large.
   But they do a lot right: their variety is amazing; their products are quite good; their food products are healthy (read the labels–in English and Spanish, by the way) and their fresh produce is good; they provide online shopping; their costs are low. WalMart® sells to and employs senior citizens, Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians, Asians–in other words, Americans. You'd have to be blind not to see why they're succeeding.
   WalMart's competitors are crying foul! Why don't they get up from their computers and go back to the exciting world of Business 101–try offering good services and products at fair prices. Try competing! Hard!
   Hey everybody! Remember the dinosaurs: Going–Going–Gone!


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